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Kluane Mountaineering was started in 1970 by two law students, John Volkner and Jim Brown. At the time, they couldn't afford quality sleeping bags because they were too expensive to buy them. At first they made two sleeping bags and when they sold one, they made two more and sold them. In the process, they gradually improved the quality and style. They then decided to go into the sleeping bag business in earnest and hired Lucy, a seamstress and manager at the Levi's factory in Edmonton. She then bought part of the business and took joint ownership of the business. It was then taken over by the current owner, Betty Squires, in December 2006 and is now run by just one person.

The practicality and warmth of the Kluani Mountaineering design is the result of trial and error, resulting in the highest quality finish. For maximum warmth and lightness, Kluani garments are made from the highest quality Canadian goose and duck feathers. Each product uses a hot-cut technique to seal in the nylon and is made entirely by hand rather than mass-produced. The feathers used are large and flexible (spreading to 28 grams 750 cubic inches), making it possible to create warm, lightweight garments. Kluani Mountaineering garments are always made with care, quality and customer satisfaction at the forefront. Kluani jackets are durable and comfortable, even in the harshest of cold weather.

Kluani Mountaineering products have been used on almost every mountain peak, including Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro, and on continents such as Antarctica and Australia. Government organisations, oil-producing workers, lawyers, doctors, farm owners and dog sledders are among Kluani's clients. They enjoy the great outdoors, but nobody likes the extreme cold temperatures. The reason they buy Kluani is clear: it's the best value for money. Kluani Mountaineering has made garments specifically calculated for Canadian mountain ranger units and mountaineering teams. Large companies cannot custom design just for people in these important professions, but Kluani is able to do this because everything is handmade to order.

In 2006, Kluani developed a lightweight, flexible parachute fabric that allows it to hold the maximum amount of feathers. At only 1.1 pounds (28 g) per yard (91.44 cm), this tear-resistant fabric further reduces the weight of Kluani's lightweight jackets. All Kluani products are stored in a clean and dry place and are never compressed to maximise the tenacity and volume of the down. When washing Kluani products, we recommend hand washing with gentle soap. Rinse carefully to thoroughly rinse out the soap and press gently to push out as much water as possible. To dry, place the product in a dryer at low or no temperature until all the feathers are dry and soft. With a little care and attention, Kluani Mountaineering products can last an amazingly long time.

Enjoy the fireside warmth of Kluane Mountaineering clothing and sleeping bags!

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