Seamlessly connecting town to mountain, activity to town use.

The activity-lifestyle brand MOUNTAIN MARTIAL ARTS was launched in 2012 by an art director who discovered trail running and proposed "the joy of living with sports."
The products were born from the idea that "there are no clothes I want to wear when I go trail running. " While they have the functionality of activity wear, their fashion-inspired, everyday-wear-like designs fit in well with the city and allow you to run a 100-mile trail or hike a long trail in the same outfit. They are a one-of-a-kind existence that focuses on design and function.

In addition to its products, he shares information on running and trail running through SNS and the web. It is supported by a wide range of people, from core runners to health-conscious runners, hikers, and functional wear enthusiasts.
We live in an era in which sporting activities are no longer unique. Functionality is the standard, and mixing the values of design, fashion, and culture creates a new sense of value. These are real clothes for the current era.

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